Bezier circeles won't render (tutorial from the 3DWorldMag)


I got the new 3D world mag issue today, and to my surprise there is a cool tutorial about making a rollercoaster included. It worked well but when I render the view the bezier circles attached to a bezier curve won’t render.
In the viewport it looks like this:

But rendered:

Sorry if this is a very dumb question but today was my first blender day and i really want more :slight_smile:

Are you sure that a Bezier Circle? cuase i didn’t think you get extrude them like that…unless your talking about nurbs or extruding along curve…

Anyways I never had this happen before…make sure you have texture assigned to it…I could give you more help if I saw the .blend file but that really all i can tell you…

Perhaps it is the same problem like in this topic

Dupliframes off for the rails should solve it.

that cna be done with beziers and bevOb

I never had that problem though, but seeing the blend file can always help.


I had this exact problem (also when working on a roller coaster track). As Tordat noted it was because I had left dupliframes on for the rails.

Dave S.

Yep it was the duliframes problem. Thank you guys :slight_smile: