Bezier circle problem--mobius-strip-like normals

I’m making a train (the engine part). The very front of the train has sort of this circular cap–its basically a circular plate that has bolts going all around the perimeter of it.
I’ve modeled the plate and stuff no problem, but now I want to get the bolts going around it in a nice fashion. The way I’m approaching this is:
1-I made a bolt
2-I gave the bolt an array modifier to sort of space it out and duplicate it
3-I made a bezier circle and place it around the “circular plate” (where the bolts will follow along)
4-I gave my bolt a “curve” modifier and linked it (or whatever) to the circle bezier.

It is sort of working (I find that I have to fenagle the crap out of this stuff to get it to look good). BUT my big problem is that the circle is verticle…Lemme explain:

When the circle is generated, it is like a hoola-hoop—parallel to the ground and the normals all facing one direction–the normals also being parallel with the ground. When I rotate the circle to match my “cap thing”, however, (so that it is perpendicular to the ground), the normals get all screwed up. It becomes like a mobius strip–twisting and I am unable to get them to all face one way. I want the normals to face horizonally in one direction–parallel with the ground (at least the top and bottom parts of the circle) instead of all being perpendicular to the ground.

The wierd thing is that when the circle is generated, I can tilt the vertices (the normal direction that is) no problem. But when I then rotate the whole circle so that it is perpendicular to the ground, the normals get all jacked up. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

when you add the circle,in the op panel at the bottom of the tool panel there is an option to align to view. So if you were in right/left view and added the circle selecting align to view, it would be perpendicular to the floor

Thanks! This totally worked, saved me on a job. :smiley: