bezier circle

im trying to create a bezier circle but everytime i do, i get a circle with a line cutting it. to make things clearer, heres a screenshot:
why is there a line and how can i get rid of it?


Never seen that!

What version are you using?
What happens when you use the cv’s?
What happens when you Tab-Tab or de/reselect?
Can you create a circle without artifacts with Ctrl-LMB and C?


if i press tab then that black line remains solid and is highlighted pink as if it is part of the line.
im using version 2.31a
if i create the circle and press C, the circle opens up and line vanishes but if i put press circle again then the circle closes and the line reappears. :-?

I have 3 builds of 2.31a and I can’t recreate it. I’d still like to know what happens when you grab the Left-hand cv of the bottom knot and move it.

Also; add a bezier curve (not circle) then Ctrl-LMB 2 more knots onto it, move them into a circle and close it with C to make a circle and see what happens.


It’s easy to recreate but AFAIK, hitting Ckey twice to make the curve cyclic off and on fixes it.


if i grab the left hand cv and move it, the circle becomes ellipse but the line remains static in the same position.
if i create a bezier curve and add two more and close it, the line reappears but at a different angle, dependnig on where the last knot was added.

Do a reinstall.


i have and it still didnt work :frowning: i found out that i have version 2.30 as well so i installed that one instead, but it has the same problem. :-?

Then maybe you have some prob with your display. Ultimately, if it renders ok that’s all you need to worry about. I’m out of ideas as I don’t understand the biology of computers :expressionless:


Fligh %: It’s a known bug, no reinstal is going to solve it.