Bezier Control Points and Python?

I’m trying to export IPO animation information from Blender using a Python script, and I’m wondering how I can extract data for Bezier curves?

I note there is a Bezier Triple, which consists of three points, but what do these points represent? Are they control points? I thought Bezier’s had four control points. How can I get the control points and key values, etc.?

The bottom line is that I’m trying to export IPO animation data, and I’m wondering if anyone here has some good insight for this.

Thanks much for any feedback. :slight_smile:

Note, I originally posted to the animation subforum, but decided this may be the better forum to get a feedback.

Okay, here’s what I conjecture. A Bezier triple defines a point and the handles to the point. Two Bezier triples define a Bezier curve, but since four control points only are required to define such a curve, the extra two control points are for transition to the next concatenated bezier curve in the sequence, before and after the present Bezier.

If you had two Beziers in succession, b1 and b2, the way it’s set up is that the last two control points of b1 are in common with the first two control points in b2, which will give you continuity from curve to curve.

A Bezier triples, then, gives me all the information I need to define a Bezier curve segment.

Of course, feedback and corrections very much welcome. :smiley: