Bezier Curve CAD Tools for CNC Milling & Laser Cutting


(Metin Seven) #41

I love Bezier Curve CAD Tools, many thanks for sharing this with the Blender community and for the 2.8 update, @lichtso!

I’m especially happy with the corner filleting, the 2D Booleans, the Subdivide and the Length function. :+1:

(Hickz) #42

Hello again :> Curve offset now gives a warning that it can only be used in 2D in blender 2.8, even if the curve in 3d is planar. It used to work for planar curves in 2.79 version, can you perhaps revert this back?

(lichtso) #43

I relaxed the 2D mode constraint of the “Offset Curve” tool to be a XY planar constraint.
So you can elevate a 2D curve along the Z axis inside a 3D curve object.

Theoretically, one could add a few extra steps which transform a curve of an arbitrary plane into the XY plane, apply the tool and transform the result back. But, one could use a new curve object to set its transformation to be aligned parallel to the plane, just as well.

(Hickz) #44

Hi! Can’t enable the addon with the latest builds, having this error

(lichtso) #45

The python API changed, should be fixed now :wink: