Bezier Curve: do I need 2 Taper objects? (feature request ?)

Hello all,

I can’t shape my bezier curve. Please help!

I’m using bevel and taper curves to shape it. When I use taper object
I want it to affect WIDTH of the main curve only. I don’t want height to be changed,
but I have them both changed with taper object.

How can I overcome this limitation ?

If there is no way to do this, I suggest developing this additional feature.

It would be great to have ‘TaperOb X:’ and ‘TaperOb Y:’ fields that tape main
curve appropriately. IMHO, it looks very natural to have them both in Blender.

What do you think ?



Better to use Lattice for this shape.
Anyway the feature of controlling the direction of the tapper object would be nice :slight_smile:


Syziph, many thanks for your reply.

I’ve got your point. Yes it works for this particular case.
But it’s almost unusable when you’re dealing with
more complex curves (I was having in mind when posted my question) .

Can you imagine how to use lattice in following case?


ok, here is what I’m suggesting.

I think it would be extremely helpful if user could add 2 TaperObjects for one main curve. This will help to align curve form in second dimention. Also it would be awesome to have two Stick options for Side 1 and Side 2 of the main curve
for each TaperOb. This will allow user to stick one of the side of the main curve and keep it plain.

Having multiple BevelOb for one curve will be interesting too. I’m sure this will bring Blender to the next level for architect, furniture and other designers

Attaching a picture with my thoughts.

Combining these features and allowing to align main curve in 3d space will save a lot of modellers’ time.

Thanks for reading,