Bezier curve extrude texture

I have created the letter “f” with a bezier curve, and extruded it

Is it possible to apply a image texture to just the top face of the letter, without covering the whole 3d letter?

if not, which way should i tackle this problem?

can anyone help me?


Yes, it involves uv unwrapping just the faces that make up the plane you want to show the image texture, and setting that as a separate material with a vert group.

you’ll need to use Alt-C in object mode to convert the text to a mesh.

Under Editing (F9), with the needed faces selected, under vertex groups, click ‘new’ and then name it ‘top’ ans press ‘assign’. Right next to that, under 0 mat 0, press ‘new’ and press ‘assign’. This assigns one material to this group ‘top’ , ‘1 mat 1’.

Press Ctrl -I for select inverse, and follow the same steps to make a group for ‘rest’ and assign a new material, ‘2 mat 2’. Going back to your original selection of ‘top’, open your uv image editor and open your desired image. Press ‘U’ to bring up the unwrap dialog in the 3d view,and you can use ‘project from view - bounds’ if you have oriented your view to look straight down at the ‘top’ group. You should see the faces overlapped on your image then, and you can the move them about to get your placement correct.

Make sure to go to your material ‘2 mat 1’ and add the image as a texture in the texture channels, and set to map to ‘uv’. This way the image will color the faces in your render.

thanks alot man, big help.