Bezier curve modeling problem.

Hi All,

I have installed Blender 2.49b (32bit) under windows 7. I am trying to create a new logo using bezier curves. My problem is that when I create an internal curve, it doesn’t cut a hole in my external curve as it’s meant to. When I was running XP Pro, I didn’t experience this problem and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this…

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When you create your internal curve, do you do it in edit mode?
Quick test Create Bezier Circle Scale it up a bit, tab into edit mode, space>add>>Bezier circle. I’d be surprised if it didn’t work if it doesn’t upload the blend and I’ll open it on my machine, then you’ll know if it is a bug or not.

Thanks Noobie,

I think I had a brain fart there! I was adding my internal curve in object mode!!! As I figured it out, your response came through.

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