Bezier curve on an irregular mesh


is there a way to draw an irregular bezier curve on an irregular mesh and then use the tools like: extrude, inset, bevel, etc … on this edge?

thank you

hello, it’s hard to understand, could you please tell a bit more, show drawings, pictures of what you’re trying to do?

I wanted to draw this curve on the surface of this sphere
and then extrude and bevel the junction

a quick way to cut off a hole is to use the knife project tool, have you tried? You can create your curve, convert it to mesh, select the object then shift select your globe, go it Edit mode and header menu > Mesh > Knife Project and it will cut the shape on the globe

is there only this form?

the cutting edges were defective

what do you mean?

well it’s a quick and handy way to do what you want, yes

when applying extrude the mesh is defective

maybe show some screenshots or share your file:

but anyway this has nothing to do with the first part of the process which is cutting the hole

I want to do that

your first object was a bit more complicated, if you cut a hole and extrude you need to make sure that it won’t create any artifact, on the last pictures you show it is easily fixable, on the first one, not as easy, but do you need such a dense topology? Can’t you do it with much less faces, and give it a Subdivision Surface modifier to smooth the shape, and if necessary, apply the modifier once you’re good (or don’t apply if you don’t need to)