bezier curve pinching

when i want to make a wire or tube that is curved i add a bezier curve and bezier circle.
but i now have dozens to do so i need to know how to prevent it ‘pinching’.
i tried subdividing the curve but it does not seem to help.
thanks all
vers 2.49b



The curve was/is rotated around her own axis (look at the curve arrows, they are twisted around themself!).

rotate the handle in edit mode by selecting it and rotating it by hitting r and x (maybe twice) and push the secondary handles (i don’t know how they are named, you know, the ones which are there to change the curve shape and smoothness) around until your curve arrows look smooth in their direction changing behaviour… it’s pretty simple :wink:

well thanks but… i even deleted vectors after the twist - then e added another one - twist is still there!

i find that just moving a vector left or right causes pinching problems

I deleted all but the first and re-extruded them. Twist is slight and no pinching. Create a general path of your curve in one view first and then tweak in the others. You can run into trouble by placing curves using a user perspective only. Twisting can occur when changing directions in a curve in 3D space, or while manipulating from different angles during the construction of a curve.