Bezier curve problems!!!

Ive been sitting here for a hour just trying to figure this out. So I’m trying to model a tree using bezier curves. I created a curve and set the Bevel Depth to .100 and BevResol to 6. The intial curve is fine, but when I try to extrude it for some reason it starts extruding from about 2 units lower than the control point thus giving me a extra material to work with which has been really messing me up. I want the extrude to start from the control point. Is there some default setting that I have wrong? Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks.

Here is the Bezier curve before extruding:

Here is the Bezier curve after selecting the control point and just pressing EKEY.

Does this help at all?

Put your curve in edit mode. Select the last point on the end of the cuve then CTRL-LeftClick to extend the points.

Yeah I know that much.

I think this link better illustrates the problem im having. I dont want it to droop down like it does when I extrude it. Instead I want it to take a straight course to the point I want to extrude to.