Bezier curve string art how to do in blender


I have a question on how to do string art in blender ?
Here’s a video about the art I’m talkin about

The issue here is that in real life when you cross the string from needle to needle the string stays put because of those needles, but like you know mesh in blender goes straight through another mesh. So…
How I can build a system where I can croos mesh like string on the video, but also so it stays put on those “needles” so I don’t need to calculate straight lines rotations from point to point separately everytime ?

Is it possible to lock the points or like magnetise them so when I have done let’s say like 40 lines that represents some sort of geometric shape and if I’m not hgappy with it I can easily dismantle some of the lines and create something new from the lines I kept in the art.

Could the system that would imitate the string crossing and needles use constrain modifiers perhaps ???

Anyways I don’t have a clue so I hope somebody here would know how to build it :slight_smile:

I would program this in geometry nodes, e.g.:

Getting the twisting around the nails right would be the hardest part…
Naumify.blend (117.6 KB)


Yeah I have no idea of the new geometry nodes I am testing basic using empty and mesh connect to that then twisting empty and using array. I will post my results when I’m done with my test project I think I got it to work like this too :slight_smile:

is it possible to make the nodes in the way that it only produces 1 layer ? This produces 2 layers and I tested that it can be copied but not moved in the layout window ?

The setup works on the input objects (the two lines, in this case). Move those and it moves the whole setup.

Here’s my version. I used Bezier curves which are 2 vertices only and not bending so I could manually string vertices to where the “nails” markings are. It is time consuming, but at least then it will be 100% perfect. Also this way the girth / widness of the string is same no matter what angle. I only did the down and right corner then used instances 3 times to finish the geometry.
Bezier Curve String Art.blend (922.6 KB)

Some modified version of the Geometry nodes setup:

Naumify_2.blend (112.2 KB)

The investment in geometry nodes really pays off when you want to change something afterwards (angles and point counts of the generating lines, for example). With the manual modelling approach, you always have to start from scratch

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And to drive this point even further, you can also generalize this to make stars of desired shapes (Here: 6-pointed, but it is a parameter)

Or 15:

Naumify_3.blend (112.4 KB)

Edit: And, because I cannot help it, the same setup, with only the numbers changed and a material added:

Naumify_4.blend (117.9 KB)

looks awesome, but I don’t understand geometry nodes so I have to learn those if I want to use it, but like you said I also think that would be the easier approach rather than manually move every vertices.

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