Bezier curve to apply decal? (texture -> obj)

Hey guys,

making a worn path/road in my scene and I want it to smoothly twist and bend. The best thing I could (easily) think of is use a bezier curve, but so far I’ve had no luck. Is it possible? Any other suggestions?


Make it extruding piece by piece, it is the easiest method. You can have a 11x2 vert sized road block, where you have defined the 2-4 centre faces a black material for road, and the others are green for aside grass. Remember to define the materials before you go extruding your road. Use subsurf up to 4, it gives nice form to your road.

Extruding the roadprofile box-selecting the other end and then Ctrl-Leftclicking some new lenght to your road.

Using this method I made my road at this animation at time 0:14–0:21.

I tried many ways of bending curves, but I never got the job done, so the simpler method solved my problem.