Bezier Curve Trim Extend

Five years ago jimflim release two fantastic addons for CAD-like Trim and Extend operators with Bezier Curves.

Since it no longer seems to be actively maintained, and they are not working with 2.8+ versions, I took the liberty to combine them both into one single addon, and update them to run on Blender 2.82+.

I’m no coder, so I won’t pretend to know how this all works, the internals are mostly a mystery to me, but I can manage to do the trivial legwork. I sneaked in a few other adjustments here and there for modern conveniences like:

  1. Adding entries to top menus (ignore the Fillet, it is not from this addon)
  2. Adding entries to curve right-click context menus (ignore the Fillet, it is not from this addon)
  3. I tried to fix a few shortcomings and easy to catch issues but it was just low hanging fruit, there are still lots of corner cases that throw ugly Python error messages.
  4. Add a few modern notifications to the status bar
  5. It now registers by default working keyboard shortcuts, T for Trim and Shift + E for Extend

I updated for personal use but though you might like it as well. (22.5 KB)
Hope it is useful, enjoy!


One an half year… and only one 10 people liked it… como on man. this is awesome tool… a tiny yet most important tool for curve artists… specially for cad background artist.s