bezier curve

Hi all!
I am trying to learn this program and I am doing the Dolphin Tutorial. I dont know if anyone knows what one I am talking about or not. Regardless, I have the body of the dolphin formed, that was easy enough. The next step is to add a fin and what I am told to do is this…“Place the 3d cursor above the dolphin’s back (left click). Bring up the toolbox and select add>curve>bezier curve. When in curve edit mode, you can add vertices by first selecting an endpoint of the curve, then leftclick while holding down the ctrl key. When you’re satisfied, close the curve with key-c. Play around with the location and the direction of the bezier control points untill your curve looks like this:” and it shows a closed curved flat finlike shape. But for some reason all I can do after I add the “bezier curve” is add points to it like it said but it wont let me form a curve or move any of the points up or down just side to side so that it remains a straight line and wont curve. I tried to hit c and go back and forth betweet edit and object mode and nothing changes all I can get is a straight line. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong???

The curve is being added so that it is oriented to the top view (Numpad 7). In versions of Blender before 2.46, the default was to add new objects so that they aligned with the current view. It sounds like the Tutorial assumed that this default was in place. See the link in my Signature line for steps on setting your preferences to align new objects to the current view.

Perhaps you turned on vector handles. Select all (A), then press H twice.

I think it’s the vector handles because you said you can only move them from side to side?