Bezier Curves as Animated Paths

(ndnchief) #1

Every time I use a Bezier curve as a path for an object, It automatically puts 100 frames for that bezier curve. I cannot figure out how to add more frames to the bezier curve path or how to join two curves together. A long path with only 100 frames is much to fast, that is my dilema. My first post, If someone can help an old guy with a new passion, id be very appreciative, Thanks, NDNChief

(dreamsgate) #2

in the animation buttons window there is a button called path len. change the frame value here.

(ndnchief) #3

WoW!!! 2minutes after posting a question i got an answer, Fantastic. i am new to Blender
and have spent alot of hours so far with it. I think im addicted… Its Great… Learning to navigate takes some work!!! I have spent hours trying to figure things out sometimes, when all along the button was right in front of me, LOL… Thanks for such a fast and accurate reply from DREAMSSCAPE, i really thank you, cause now i can sleep, LOL zzzzzzzzzzzz!!

(ndnchief) #4

Sorry I meant to thank ( Dreamsgate ) my brain is fried, SLEEP!!! Thanks again, Sorry about the name!