bezier curves movement question

I am trying to a head model but ran into a stop that I should asked about. I have a front and side pic of the head and I am using bezier curves to start it. Here what is happening. In the side view I put the curves in(side view) and can move them on the Y and Z but when I try to move them in front view I can only move the Z and not the X. Now if I am in the front view and put curves in I can move the Z and X but in the side view only Z move and the Y does not. Is there something I miss here or does the bezier curves only move on two axis of the view it is put. Is it I am trying to model a head the wrong way by using bezier curves?

in curve “surface properties” in the edit panel, click the [3d] button.

I am sorry but I am newbie you lost me. I click curve and the only properties I see is transform properties and I there was nothing there to help me. I am using 2.5 if that helps.