Bezier Curves won't make a face?

Hi, first off I apologise if this is an issue that people keep asking about - I’m pretty new to Blender and I couldn’t find what I was looking for in any existing threads :slight_smile:

I want to close a surface I made with Bezier curves (I’ve been doing one of the Blender logo tutorials) but after I trace the logo I can’t make it into a face. I start with a Bezier curve, then extrude it until I get all round the shape, then close with Alt+C.

I understand if the shape is too complex Blender can’t make a face, but how do I simplify? Is there some way of drawing extra vertices in between the curves??

Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

The curve needs to be a 2D curve

Thanks but my curves are already set to 2D? Any other suggestions?

Post a link to your blend file

You won’t see any faces since you are in wireframe view

Change to Solid view

Oh god - I feel stupid :confused: Thanks for your help!