Bezier curves

(Turrin) #1

I am trying to model some liquid falling of another object (ex, water over rocks). This is a static picture, and I have tried modeling the liquid with bezier curves. This has given the first step in what I would like, but when trying to convert to mesh, I can’t get it to follow the contours that I need. I have added curves to the middle of the liquid to define the horizontal contours, but they are not conected to the main curve and the faces of the converted mesh do not join with these additions.
Is there a way to make these curves a mesh, and still achieve the contours throughout the entire object? I’m not sure I am being clear on this, so if you have an idea, but am not sure about what I am wanting, please email me and I will try to explain it better. Basicaly I’m looking for a way to convert a 3d bezier curve to a mesh (in order to texture) and retain all the contours of the curve.

(rwenzlaff) #2

I’m not sure I understand. Mathimatically curves are 2D objecst stretched into 3d space. I don’t see how you are planning to make a 3d object from them.

If the curvs are almost there, then just select the holes (high light agjacent verts and fill in faces with the FKEY.

Probably easier, would be to start over using subdiv meshes. Place a circle, edit the verts to top profile, then from side extrude and scale.


(S68) #3


don’t use curves

Use surfaces


P.S. I would have used metaballs