Bezier curves?

i’m having a rather difficult time trying to get these Bezier curves right to place on letters.Can someone possibly give me a detailed explanation or tutorial on how to Bezier curve?

Let’s start with the Blender Documentation section:

This is a good description of what the various types of curves are, which may or may not answer your question.

Bezier curves are particularly important in Blender because so many things, such as IPOs, default to this type of curve.

Well, I don’t know if you have read the tutorial that sundialsvc4 asked you to read and I’m not too sure If I understand what you’re trying to ask but heres what I think:

First of all, you need an image of the word or logo you’re trying to create (e.g. Final Fantasy VII if you had a logo of that) and if you have it, you import it as a background image in blender (the tutorial page that sundialsvc4 gave you should show you how to import a logo).

Now after you imported the logo as a background image, you can start creating the logo by tracing the word or logo:

  1. Add a beizier curve.

  2. Right click on the center vertex of the beizier curve you’ve just added and hold ctrl and click on the next location like tracing the logo. e.g.

    x ----------------------- x (the “x” on the left is your first bezier curve and the 2nd “x” is the next point along the logo you’re tracing.

  3. Keep adding more points and adjust them to follow the outline of the logo until you’ve reached the point where you want to connect all the points so its a single outline.

  4. To join up the last ADDED point with the first point, you select at least one of the control vertices and press the C key.

I hope I’ve helped :wink: and good luck.