bezier curves

i am attempting to show a trip by using bezier curves.
each leg of the trip will fill up with colour as the trip progresses ( in seconds!)

can i make the colour in a round shape as it goes along the curve?
i have only found flat sides.

PS i would not be surprised if the curves were back to front. there must be a reverse direction somewhere


worldtrip.blend (1.23 MB)

Set it under Properties > Data: Shape 3D: Fill > Full (now you have it set to Half)
more Curves >Properties > Object Data…

TO SWITCH DIRECTION OF THE CURVE (EDIT MODE) a) via menu: Curve > Segments > Switch Direction b) using hotkeys: W > Switch Direction [more on Curves > Editing > Segments...](


thanks guys
but it still looks like it flat rather than a round shape

Finalbarrage - thanks but it looks too advanced for me! is that cycles?
videos are a big help

the link to the manual clearly shows the shape is round. mine looks square in cross section

i would make a video, but i know there are a LOT better ways of doing it. thats why i just tried to give you an idea instead of an answer.

look up how to do the circuit board effect, you know, with the electrisity going down the wire. i think that will help you out a ton.

thanks - but for me it has to be simple to do!

READ, READ, READ… the manual —> Focus on Resolution (set to 8 at least)

resolution seemed to smooth out the curve shape NOT the cross section

bevel resolution.

AHA now it works!
thanks all
sorry i am so slow.

nice :smiley:
just relax & work systematically… step by step, even slow walk will get you far :wink:

also, i find it helpful within my mind to persevere through any situation patiently - temper, temper
for this, i thank you

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happy blending

i tried to find the solved setting - no luck.
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