Bézier Mesh Shaper v0.8.8

(aabrany) #82

if you can make it a non destructive modifier :joy::joy::joy:

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(MACHIN3) #83

Modifiers can’t be created by addon devs.

(plundh) #84

Really loving this tool! Will you consider making the “apply”-button remappable like the others? I have spacebar set to “grab”, so that conflicts with this addon.

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(RNavega) #85

Hi @Colacuve, I sent you a PM.

The sharp nodes unfortunately are the only way to guarantee that the curve tightly fits with the mesh (that’s the “Free” handle type in Blender). If we were to use the “Aligned” handle type it wouldn’t fit so well. But in the end you can still manipulate both handles of a Free-type knot together, you select the knot and manipulate it, the two handles will move together.

Hm, now I get what @plundh was talking about with this:

It’s not really about being NURBS, but being easier to use than the handles.
I sent an update email, version 0.8.0. It adds a handle-less way to manipulate the curve, it’s what I can do for now:

Quoted from the update email:

To use this, you hold Ctrl and click near the curve to “pick” the curve at that point. Then you can release the Ctrl key and the click, and just move the mouse around to adjust the curve. Press Enter or click again to confirm, or Esc to cancel.

While in this mode you can press X, Y or Z to constrain the movement to an axis (pressing again to change to local mode).

(In that GIF you can see) an example of three actions in this mode: 1) grabbing the whole curve with Ctrl+Click, 2) constraining to axes and 3) grabbing just the tangents with Ctrl+Shift+Click (so the knots stay still).

It works similar to Blender’s built-in grab command (G), but in this case the tool is simulating all of this since it requires special handling of the curve, so it might feel different."

@aabrany Thanks for the suggestion. Like @MACHIN3 said, the best way to do that would be with a modifier that can be chained with others, but at the moment it’s not possible to make one with Python (the functionality is not exposed).
One could try something with storing mesh copies etc. but it would be clunky x(

Hi, I added a “Space Key Confirms” add-on preference, you can untick that so Space is ignored.

(plundh) #86

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant; not using the handles. Another great update. I use this addon all the time now.

Yet another suggestion: I would love the ability to fit the points exactly onto the curve first, effectively smoothing them out. Sometimes I have a slightly wobbly row of verts, that I first want to make nice and smooth and then adjust the curve. That way the tool is usable even when you don’t start out with a completely flat row of verts or an already smoothed surface.

(masterxeon1001) #87

you are doing epic work. To expand on @plundh. To per-emtively set the curve count would be the next next level. I think this curve is a start but it still needs points from the start. Also the points would behave like point than curve handles. Idk if you ever saw how I used mira tools back in the day but it was magical. https://youtu.be/eUQ4HSCYJfg?t=1414

Theres a moment I was using it. So personally what I aim at is to be able to select a chain of verts and it makes a curve with points that is far simpler than the selection but lets me be able to move and shift it gradually. I like all the big movements but im looking for fine control. If i could select say 30 verts in a row and make a curve set of say 5 points my life is simpler plus if you use only 2 points it has the bonus of straightening it out.

Pretty much like this. Previously we made a frontend for mira to make it more usable for hard surface but I see more potential in yours due to the possibly non destructive nature and the proportional editing is fun for getting concepty. But control and a point emphasis would really put this over the top.

Sorry to rant.

(oaschwab) #88

I think the way Mira handles the points is more intuitive than a bezier handle. At least for me. It was also nice that you could choose how many points you wanted to work with.

(RNavega) #89

Hi @plundh. That sounds doable, I’ll look into it.

@masterxeon1001 @oaschwab

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback.
B.M.S is a different tool than that other one, with different design decisions.

For example, B.M.S lets you adjust the handles of the curve (by manipulating them directly, or with that new grab mode), and this lets you achieve a greater range of curve shapes by using fewer points.
You can grab any part of the curve and have it move, you don’t need a point there.
This is a fundamental difference regarding that other tool (which uses its own way of calculating the handles, it hides them, you can’t touch them), it needs to add all those other points.

This is 0.8.3 that I just sent w/ the update email:

(This is using the ‘Always Hidden’ preference, with curve color.)
I think this is as much as I’m willing to come close to that other tool, but it’s definitely not going to be the same. More people can use B.M.S. this way, and you can still use it for bending things of course (like in your video).

(masterxeon1001) #90


This is the greastest start in the greatest direction for me personally. I love this. I spent 20 seconds and I feel the need. Keep this going! I’ll mess with this a little more and try to do a video about it.

I think finessing the out of box behavior would be epic. Also this tool should be a right click option and have its own direct hotkey or something so its easier to get to. This gem needs to shine.

An optional point starting mode would be awesome and even a point grab where the handles didnt get all pointy will really put this over the top. Your turnaround is impressive and I have high hopes for this being an essential function.

Next up. Lazy selection ideas about how this could be done with lattices or something alternatively so users could select a batch and do a deforming line or something but this is hella exciting! Just thinking aloud but definetely needs to be more forefront to users and accessible.

Love this thing. Keep it goin!

(RNavega) #91

Wow, thanks a lot @masterxeon1001!
Yeah, if we think of ways to improve it, I’m all for it.

I looked at that right-click menu: it’s the context-sensitive specials menu for the mesh Edit mode.
I found a way to add the B.M.S menu item to it, when you’re in Vertex selection mode.
I also added a simple “snap to curve” feature.
I’ll send an email update when the month turns, I’m out of Gumroad email updates for this month lol

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(masterxeon1001) #92

aw snap that just means youre on fire! Im amping up for some mecha madness so if this thing comes unto form. I will be so happy.

Having plenty of avenues of access would definitely make it easier. The right click is my fav now in LMB mode but also in the alt + V in edit mode wouldn’t be bad either.


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(aghandwork) #93


Is it possible to add function like Mira Tools have - Curve Stretch (streched everething that are between two vertex )?


(masterxeon1001) #94

one word. :fire:

can there be an alternate right click apply option? I usually mean to apply with RMB and it resets. Other than that. Epic update!

(RNavega) #95

@masterxeon1001 that’s awesome! Thanks for the clip, it’s really cool to see it working.
(I’ll get back to you on the right-click apply option.)

I just sent an email update (0.8.4) that added a curve snapping feature, something like what @plundh was talking about, at least for the row of vertices you select.

The algorithm was kicking my ass – travelling at constant intervals along a curve is a complex subject, apparently.

The new commands are in the Snap To Curve submenu of the Proportional Editing Falloff menu (default key W), there’s two commands:

  • Evenly:
    Evenly image
  • Evenly (Straight):
    Evenly (Straight)

They work best if you set the Curve Distance add-on preference to zero.

(masterxeon1001) #96

oh yeah thats what brought me back haha. I was testing it all immediately. 20 seconds after email.
This will work great in a full model. I have been using it to shape heads and legs etc. But soon it will get a shine on a video.

The evenly setup would be nice to do immediately like an operator with the curves.
Even without the handles just straight path dots so i can redo it on the fly.

As the possibilities improve it could be time to think about a submenu where quick behavioral presets like even alignment can be brought up with little effort. Maybe call it straighten or something too.

So many ideas come to mind as I use this thing but snap to curve is too epic to be at the bottom of that submenu. It should be a modifier able to be done during the modal too.

Evenly could also be awesome if it worked on a specific selection of straight verts with no deviating mesh altering. That way I can use it to perfectly line up edges of helmets with connecting parts.

That said even doing nothing is good enough but I hope you keep going. Its getting better and better.

(masterxeon1001) #97

a little more randomness with BMS and boxcutter

(mkbreuer) #98

Great Tool!
One wish: could you add a menu for the pivot point options to the settings?
e.g.: when working with 3D manipulator on curve it is better to set the pivot to bounding box center,
specially handle on vector points, etc…
Also missing the shortcuts info in the header for ‘use extremes’ and ‘use direction’, etc.!
I think it is better for noobs and for someone who only uses it temporarily.

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(Michael Knubben) #99

I just bought this and I’m also having trouble with my Maya controls. Alt-LMB (rotate) and Alt-MMB (pan) work, but Alt-RMB is set to zoom, but clicking RMB also closes the tool…
I would also expect the ctrl Grab behaviour to release when you release ctrl. As it stands, I need to click the LMB to go back to the regular behaviour, even though I have ‘Release Confirms’ enabled in Blender.

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(eobet) #100

I had no idea. How did hardops manage to create their own mirror?

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(plundh) #101

Amazing update!

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