Bézier Mesh Shaper v0.8.8

(MACHIN3) #102

They don’t create their own mirror modifier.

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(Craig Jones) #103

That is a cool application of this, definitely what I thought of when this script came out

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(masterxeon1001) #104

i have never had a tweet explode like me tweeting you did. The hype is real.
This shows an immense amount of worth in this to users beyond me and possibly something to bring in new users from other software as well! I hope graphs are ticking up!

(chafouin) #105

I love this addon, it’s amazing!
I was wondering if it was possible to keep the curve after it was created?
For instance, I have pipes that have been converted to mesh already, I would love to have the possibility to convert them back to a bezier curve.

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(mrtzg) #106

Definitely going to try this addon.

(Fatesailor) #107

It would be great to have this add-on work for dyntopo meshes too, in the sculpt mode. There are no loops there, where someone can attach the bezier curve with its handles, but it can work in a way similar somehow with the cage deformer. It can follow some imaginary meridians and parallels defined by the position of the cursor.

In other words It could be work as a very advanced version of the grab brush. The grab brush is good but it is not easy at all to handle it in cases of detailed pull-pushes. And also there is a lack of partial scale in the sculpting of Blender. It is a serious need. So such a tool may be used in achieving such a thing too.

(StroBlend) #108

Hi, Thanks for your addon
I just purchased it and do my first tries. I had in mind to achieve something like this with it but looks like this is not possible ? The curve breaks one of the initial vertex position:

(masterxeon1001) #109

appears out of smoke

thanks !


(RNavega) #110

@masterxeon1001 thanks for all the ideas! And about this:

lol someone opened up the floodgates, this is from yesterday:
I can’t thank you enough! (especially because of the awesome art being shown)

@mkbreuer @chafouin got it, please check the new menus in 0.8.5, see if that’s what you were looking for:
New menu 0.8.5 Transform Settings menu
But note that the copied curve might not be 100% what you had before, when you created the pipe mesh from a curve, as the new curve is created based on the mesh vertices. Some adjustment might be needed.

@Michael_Knubben thanks for the support, good to hear from you.
I’ve added support for ‘Release Confirms’, as well as RMB-based shortcuts, please see if it works better now in 0.8.5.

Hi @StroBlend, thanks for the gif. I tried several ways to reproduce that case but I couldn’t, it was working. In the image below the straight mesh is a separate piece, so it’s using the “Connected” falloff mode:
Alignment problem
If you make sure to use a ‘Curve Distance’ add-on preference of zero (as it’s better for when doing precision work like that), do you still get the same?

(RNavega) #111

Oh and I forgot to say, the new preference “Right-click Confirms” is below all the keymaps in the add-on box, next to “Space Key confirms”.

(masterxeon1001) #112

the moment i saw that email i was back in the game. right click confirms haha. I saw that immediately. Now I am set for the next 20 seconds.


So I need access to that. Like straight away.

If you had a submenu where some of these behaviors could be set in advance it would go towards streamlining the experience.

But if i could use BMS >> straight line then you would solve another issue I deal with.

I am proposing as well that the operators maybe be named view3d so they can be right clicked and hotkeyed. Also the tool could be a view3d tool instead of mesh and it would show up at the top of the addons list.

I see you looking nice in the vertex menu too with right click. And now you can be started from edges too very nice.

Lets make evenly a thing but id give it a name that best describes it and maybe sounds cool.
Like “straight edge” or “bolt curve” just thinking out loud.

Another idea worth thinking about is drawing. Like modal drawing where the hotkeys are displayed on screen to add some pizazz to the tool. People love information.

Im just throwing ideas out there from my moments testing this but I am impressed everyday. You’re litterally mr curve now. I know theres more gesture magic to be found in this thing. Keep it up!

edit: also congrats on the sales! I havent even done a video yet! But I am looking at these boots that would be ill.

(RNavega) #113

Hi @aghandwork, sorry that I forgot to answer you since 5 days ago…
I’m not sure what you mean with stretch (is there a video of it?). When you move the curve points, everything around the curve is dragged around. So if you select both the end points and press S to scale them closer, this will “compress” the mesh.

@masterxeon1001 Got it, I wrote those in the to-do list for the next update: to rename the two snaps, maybe “Smooth” x “Straight”, and to make them (especially the Straight one) really separate operators that can be called on their own, without the tool having to be on.

(Actually, I’d be okay with making the Straight one free and a completely separate add-on, it’s a pretty simple operation, the curve is not involved, just linear interpolation.)

(Metin Seven) #114

Bézier Mesh Shaper looks intriguing. Up to now I’ve only seen low-polygon examples. Would the add-on also be usable for high-poly models with irregular topology / no defined edge loops? It would be great if you could arbitrarily place two or more Bézier points on a high-poly mesh surface, then have the points auto-connected along the surface, enabling you to deform the underlying high-poly area.

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(mkbreuer) #115

Thank you for the implementation of the Pivot Settings! Keep it up!

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(StroBlend) #116

oups I didn’t saw these preferences settings now it works perfectly thanks!

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(Michael Knubben) #117

My alt-RMB now no longer exits the tool, thanks!
Sadly, ctrl-tweaking the curve still needs me to click LMB to confirm, rather than just letting go of the LMB

(wilBr) #118

great tool…

can you add ARC (half circle) to ‘snap to curve’ options? (inwards and outwards) for perfect arc result and maybe radius adjust.

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(RNavega) #119

Hi @Metin_Seven, great question.
It should work with any mesh you throw at it, but there’s some caveats.

First, the speed of Python – there’s limits to what we can comfortably do with it. If you’re on a medium to high workstation there isn’t much of a difference, but on slow machines --at least the one I tested it in-- it may take 1 second or more just to start the tool if the mesh isn’t exactly in the low-poly range (like 50K vertices or more). Changing falloff by holding keys is also slow in these cases, it’s better to bring up the menu and type the value directly.

  • Hiding all vertices that you won’t need at the moment helps with this (like hiding everything except the part you’re working on).
  • Meshes with less vertices than that will work fine, even on slow computers.

But by far the most annoying problem, something that’s been there since day 1, is the lack of filtering. When you map points to a curve (finding the nearest locations on the curve to each point), in some cases sharp transitions happen.
It’s easier to see this in the images below. These are 2D curves, the dashes are the handles, and the pixels on the image get colored between red and cyan depending on whether they map closer to one end of the curve or closer to the other end, or inbetween:

sharpDistance00 sharpDistance01 sharpDistance02

Notice how inside the curved parts there’s this sharp transition? That’s the problem.
This happens with vertices as well, one vertex gets mapped to one side of the curve but its connected neighbors get mapped to the other side. When you manipulate the curve, the mesh cracks at that location and looks like garbage.

This problem is on me though – I need to add a ‘Smoothing Pass’ feature to deal with this, which would cause those sharp transitions to be smoothed and those areas to become averaged. Then we can bump the version to 1.0.

(RNavega) #120

Hi @Michael_Knubben, what OS are you using? I’m on Windows and it’s working here (2.79 and 2.80).
If you reinstalled your Blender 2.80 I think the Release Confirms option gets reset, so please see if that’s the case.

Hi @wilBr, thanks for the idea. I’ll give it it a look.

(aghandwork) #121

Hi! Yes! It is - Evenly (Straight)


You did it! That is great! Thank you! :smile::+1:

Just to show you what I was talking about - it is Mira Tools - Curve Stretch

But Bézier Mesh Shaper for now can do that and this is cool!