Bézier Mesh Shaper v0.8.8

(RNavega) #162

Hi guys. Update 0.8.9:

  • Fixed a bug when using the projection mode with the “snap startup” modes.
  • Added an option to use double-clicks of the “select” mouse button to confirm / apply the tool.
  • Added a more robust right-mouse-button setting with three choices of behavior (in the Add-on Preferences): confirm, cancel or ignore (for custom navigation keymaps).
  • (2.80 only) Fix for when the internal curve is in a different collection than the mesh.
  • Minor cleanups.

@JLBohm I tried different ways to do that new initialization method, but I couldn’t find a solution that was both robust and useful, that’d let you come in with any curve shape (especially crazy ones), then do a snap and deform. Being able to interactively deform the mesh is the main focus of B.M.S., so that takes priority over snapping.
It does have snapping of course, but more ways to do it would fit better on a separate tool dedicated for that.

@TitusLVR that 2.80 collection issue is fixed now, the curve follows the edited mesh wherever it is.

(TitusLVR) #163

Thank you so much for great add-on because BMS is must have thing.

(masterxeon1001) #164

keep up tha fire!

(PolyGreen) #165

hey I really love this add-on! thanks for making this. bought and shared.

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(RayRayJnr) #166

I can’t get BMS to work with vertex groups in 2.79. Can a menu be made to save and name vertice groups separate from vertex groups though.

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(Dheim) #167

I’m confused… You want @RNavega to make an entirely new vertex group system to go along with the one that already exists? If I’m right in understanding that, that’s kinda an insane request. I hope I’m wrong.

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(RayRayJnr) #168

Maybe it is. I assumed blender assigns an index to each vertex and storing the index for each selected vertex into an array to be stored with a name and reused wouldn’t be insane. Maybe I’m wrong and having selected vertex groups would be easier.

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(stealthx) #169

Great plugin! I bought it just because of the Straight mode. It is very important tool. Would it be possible to have some more default options in the plugin setup?

  • Set Handle Type to “Vector” for Bezier Mesh Shaper (Snap Straight)

  • Set Handle Type to “Aligned” for Bezier Mesh Shaper

  • Respect “Display modifier in Edit Mode” when you have some “Subdivision Surface” modifier disabled during Edit Mode, it would be great to see the mesh simplified during Shaper operations.

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(1D_Inc) #170

I remember time of Bsurfaces (2011), then we created Gstretch (2013), after that I supported Mira tools, Retopoflow and 1D_Scripts [Spread Loop] (2015) in order to get such tool.

Gorgeous solution)

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(TitusLVR) #171

Hi there, but collection problem is still in BMS 0.8.9.

Expand to check BMS and Collections

Many thanks!

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(masterxeon1001) #172

still love this thing. Someday i want a points only mode where i choose the count before use then it just uses path dots to deform.

(RNavega) #173

@RayRayJnr hi, can you describe what you’re doing that’s not working with vertex groups + BMS? Blender’s vertex groups can totally be used like “selection sets” (bookmarking your vertex selections).

@stealthx Thanks for the ideas, I’ll look into them.

@TitusLVR thanks for the GIF, it definitely looks like a bug on my end.

@masterxeon1001 hi, cool video! I did try to find ways to make the path dots only, but the way the tool works (using a curve in Edit mode) didn’t play well with that – we get the built-in workflows from Blender after all, with the dot handles and such. If I figure out a way to do a dots-only path I’d add it though.

(stealthx) #174

I have some more results from testing.

  • Mesh shaper doesn’t support “Local View” do you plan to add it?

  • I have conflict with “Grab Mode” shortcut in my setup. Would it be possible to change CTRL to SHIFT or disable it in the plugin preferences?

  • When I setup shortcut settings to (mesh.bezier_mesh_shaper):
    Startup: Normal - OK
    Startup: Snap To Curve: Smooth - broken **
    Startup: Snap To Curve: Straight - OK
    Startup: Snap To Curve: Smooth (Proportional) - broken **
    Startup: Snap To Curve: Straight (Proportional) - OK

** broken = It generates the spline and smooth edges once but when I move handles, mesh edges will not move. I have to click again “Proportional Editing Fallof = Off” to make it work.

I’m using by default “Proportional Editing Fallof = Off”, it is saved in my startup scene.


God I wish there was a way to use my copy of BMS on Beveled Curves!! I am trying to do shape keys on a screen mesh (real world mesh - not 3D) made of curves (bones were not giving desired results) that I am deforming as it is cut, and it would be sooooo much more efficient if I could bend and curl my screen using BMS! D’oh! Guess I am stuck with Proportional Editing using Move and Rotate…

Edit: So now I discovered Lattice and I’m deforming my screen thingy much better with that, but now I am finding that I really want to use BMS on Latiice, in a big effing way… Zoinks!

(RayRayJnr) #176

I got it working, not sure what I did but it was something to do with my user settings.

(masterxeon1001) #177

personally ive always wanted to sculpt lattices. But people say its not a thing…

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I say it IS a thing. Please try to persuade BMS dev to add this Master. I imagine you have a lot of clout around these here parts…

(masterxeon1001) #179

lol i’m just a guy along for the ride. I am sure op is pondering the future of this tool.

(David Frank) #181

With latest Blender 2.8 build (May-20th), if I initiate the shaper then cmd+z to cancel this action, it appears the script will break and leave a beizer curve in scene, and subsequent action to enable shaper will not work.

This is the case on macOS, not sure about other platform.