Bézier Mesh Shaper v0.9.0

Great updates! Right click confirms and extract curves are just what I needed :slight_smile: Just a small annoyance, when using Ctrl+LeftClick to grab the curve, I like that it confirms when releasing the left click but then you have to release Ctrl and press it again to move the curve again. It would be nice to be able to keep Ctrl pressed and continue moving it when the left click.

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can we make wire show for only the selected object only and optionally?
Its strange to have wires shown for everything nearby as well.
It would be cool to toggle that off and on in the menu during operation.


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It’s on! I’ll test it with a fresh install without any other addons soon, but thanks for looking into it.

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@chafouin hmm your word “extract” fits better than “export”, meaning-wise. I think I’ll change the name.
I agree with you about being able to keep Ctrl pressed “forever” to be able to do several grabs in sequence, when using Release Confirms. I’ll try to add that to the event handler.

@masterxeon1001 I’ve looked at how to do that, I’ll add it to this next update.

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I can not install :disappointed_relieved:


Hi. Looks like they renamed that menu to “VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_context_menu”, see here:
The commit that changed it is from March 12th (today).

I’m away from the computer right now to send a patch, but if you’re in a hurry you can open the .PY file and do a text replace (usually Ctrl + H in something like Notepad):

Search for:

Replace with:

I will make this change in the next update anyway.

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Update 0.8.6:

  • Ported to the latest 2.80 Beta, it was a breaking-change build (Build info: March 13, 20:34:40 - bbc3ee09e44b).

  • Added a way to initialize B.M.S directly with the “Straight” snap operation:

  • Added a new add-on preference to use a pie menu for the tool settings:
    New pie menu

  • Improved the wireframes overlay to only appear on the edited mesh.

  • Improved the curve grab mode when ‘Release Confirms’ is activated, Ctrl behaves better now.

You can add the mesh.bezier_mesh_shaper operator to your own custom pie menus or add keymaps to it as well. When you add a keymap to it in the Inputs window, you’ll see one operator option called “Startup”. This is how you set how the tool should start (it’s one of three options: normal, start + snap straight or start + snap smooth). If you have trouble setting this up please send me an e-mail and I’ll help you with that.


Hi, Im really enjoying your addon, though I have some random crashes (have to reset my preferences every once in a while, havent noticed any pattern).

However, I’d like to ask if it’s possible to add a “proportional” snap (vertices to curve) option next to the “evenly” snap - see the picture.
This would be a huge time saver, to be able to quickly and precisely align rows.

Thanks man!


Hi i just bought it, tried to install it on the latest Blender 2.8, cant seem to install it. keeps getting an error.
what should I do help? Thank you

Post the error.


They sent me a message, it’s all good now. The problem was related to using an older build of 2.80 that used some different names in the API.

@JLBohm thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a look.

by the way, another suggestion for snapping feature (in case you didn`t have enough, ha-ha // :slight_smile: )

currently this snapping ignores proportional falloff and only nearest vertices are snapped. In many cases this is what is needed, but if we could snap all vertices in falloff range - this would be even greater.

not to curve itself of course (this would create a mess) - but to imaginary face at nearest point on curve and normal as curve tangent at this point… i mean, like shrinkwrap to curve, beveled with flat stripe. with this ability it would be possible to make curved flattened stripes with ease, not only straight/curved edges

Thanks for your hard work!

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Think I got a bug; on some files I get the following error. Then the tool stops working even if I create a new blend file. If I close and re-open Blender it starts working again.

EDIT: Seems to be something with the file, it works after copying the collections over to a new one.

On another note, would it be possible to make this plugin work better with undo? If you undo the operation, you have to both manually delete the curve and turn off the wireframe display on the object.

I think it would also be nice to have functions like ctrl to drag be re-mappable. I use alt+ctrl to zoom the viewport, so that conflict with the grabbing behaviour. Or is there somewhere in the script I can change it myself?

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I keep getting this error every time (2.8 build from last week):


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Hi @IPv6, isn’t this what the Deform > Curve modifier does?

Thanks for the report. Let’s try to diagnose it. Your image shows on what line it’s failing, something is odd with the scene context.

If you can, please try opening a Python Console (it’s an editor, just like the 3D View, Nodes, Dopesheet etc.), paste this long line and hit Enter:
('Mode:', C.mode); a=C.active_object; ('Active:', (a, a.type) if a else '(No active object)'); ('Selected:', [(obj, obj.type) for obj in C.selected_objects])

Something is going to come up on the console, then you can paste it back here.

I can tell you with certainty that the undo behavior in 2.79 is different than that of 2.80. When a modal operator is running, 2.79 collects all actions into a single undo step with the name of the operator, so it’s easy to undo and redo everything that was done (it’s a single step). 2.80 however is recording every action into individual steps even with the operator running, so we have to undo several steps.
This is internal to Blender so there’s not much I can do from a script.

I didn’t get other requests for this, so I hope you don’t mind if I guide you on how to change that, rather than making it remappable (as each new keymap slows down the tool startup).
You can do a text-replace (Ctrl + H in most text editors, like Notepad). The search is this:
eventType in {'LEFT_CTRL', 'RIGHT_CTRL'}
And the replacement should be this:
eventType == 'MY_KEY'
…with MY_KEY being one of the type values in this list: https://docs.blender.org/api/blender2.8/bpy.types.Event.html#bpy.types.Event.type

If you like to use the Release Confirms option from Blender then there’s a couple more lines that need change, let me know if that’s the case. I can also do these modifications for you, you can send me a message with the keys you’d like to try.
PS: the header bar text will still say “Ctrl” though (it’s on line 3185 and 3188 for the main text and grab-mode text, respectively).

Hi @bassig, the latest add-on version was ported to work with the build from March 13 and up (which you can download in the builds page).
What would you like to do? You can get the update or I can send you a modified script that works with the build you’re using.

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No worries then! My current version is from March 12, I thought it was compatible. I’m going to update anyway today or tomorrow.

edit: same error with today’s build. Does the addon need an update again or is it caused by something else? It occurs every time when I try to start it after selecting the vertices.

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No, curve modifier deforms mesh in whole.

i mean current snapping create jugged, sharp, 1-vertex width lines on the mesh. Which is ok for some tasks but not in order with other workflow - where fallof is used to propagate mesh deforms into surroundings. And this would be great for snapping too, since you will not need to “smooth the straigthness” by hand (which is required now after snapping to form flat areas).

one of the method is to push vertexes in falloff range into snapping direction, limited by imaginary face with nearest curve point as center. but there can be others as well, of course

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Hi RNavega,

I have this error this morning , i don’t understand … ??

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