Bezier Question from total newbee

I’m just getting started learning Blender 2.62. I’ve followed several tutorials and am slowly getting the hang of things, but I’m stumped on making an object from a bezier curve. All the tutorials I’ve found are for the old interface and I figure I’m missing something. When I draw a shape with the curve, adding vertices like in the tutorials I can’t get the loop to close. I hit C but nothing happens. When I open a bezier curve circle should I be able to view it as a solid face? When I go into solid mode, I still just see the outline of the circle.

I’m sure this is just newbee nonsense, but I can’t figure it out. All I want to do is draw a shape in bezier curves and then extrude it. Thanks for an advice.

Try this… go into top view add a bezier curve… in the properties panel there is an icon called object data … 4th icon from the right…click on 2d, in the shape section… create your curve, when your ready to join the final 2 points together have your last point selected and …press ALT C (on windows) the curve will then turn solid. In the geometry section within object data, you can then extrude and bevel your curve