Bezier Rotation Curve acting as Constant / Bone Rotation always Zeroed Out

I’m having a problem where my bezier animation curves for rotation started acting like constants with rotation only updating on keyframes. Shown below are two frames of an animation (keyframe and frame before) I was working on shortly after this problem started.

This happened around the time that I hit a random key and, upon not noticing a change, thought nothing happened and was fine to not hit undo. I don’t remember what key it was, so I don’t know what to search to find out what I did, especially since I’m still lacking in the vocabulary required for modeling and animation as it has not been my main focus.

What seems to be the problem is that rotation is constantly zeroed out and is never shown to be anything different for any keyframe made after this accidental key press. The F-Curves are completely flat even though the animation shows the bone snap to position at each keyframe. If I set the interpolation mode to linear, it blends between the keyframes but only linearly. I’m trying to get back to the default blending state between keyframes. Does anyone have any clues, either to what happened or how to undo it? I’m assuming the constantly-zeroed out rotation values are to blame as I CAN move the bezier handles, it just doesn’t rotate as expected and snaps backwards instead.


Without a .blend it’s nearly impossible to guess what the issue might be. Use if you can’t upload here yet. (Min 10 post count. You will be under moderation until then, so your posts will not show up until a moderator has checked it.)

Past the link here so we can check the file.