Bezier to mesh, triangles to quads

So it’s been awhile since I’ve used Blender, probably six months. I still love 2.49B over all other versions and prefer it for modeling. I also have 2.69.

Here is a super ugly piece of a model I am building. I used a Bezier curve and have converted it to a mesh. The result is an ugly pile of triangles. How can I make this better? or should I have used a different tool to trace it?


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Well, you can convert the triangles to quads with a hotkey that escapes my mind as of now. It depends on what you’re going to use it for. If ‘project from view’ isn’t adequate and you need to texture it, I would recommend scrapping what you have now and box modeling it out. If it’s usable as it is, I would just use it or leave it as a curve.

It’s not usable right now because it’s a mess and texturing wouldn’t work. Yeah I can’t figure out the hotkey either.

Tries to quads is a tool that affects faces so look in the Mesh / Faces menu of faces quick menu (Ctrl+F) or just shortcut Alt+J
You could just remove the internal edges to give one ngon (X / dissolve edges0

I just tried tris to quads and here is the result. The top is fixed but 80% of it is still messed up.

Oh wait just tried dissolve edges and that seems to work fine. Is there any reason I shouldn’t use that or is it ok?

Delete - Limited Dissolve would turn this into one face n-gon. You would need to manually “slightly” subdivide using select opposite vertices and J connect them. Probably not all n-gons need to be eliminated- depends on what you are after.
I’d suggest delete ngon and select wavy curve segment verts, Checker deselect and Delete Dissolve verts to bring their count down before F fill in again; then I inset and only then connect verts as before.

Converting outline to Curve Alt-C and setting Preview parameter to lower value before converting back to mesh also can help.