BezierCurve Keyframed Evaluation Time not appearing in ActionEditor

Hi Folks,

When I select and object with an Action, and then use the NLA Editor to tab into that action to edit it, the keyframes then appear in both the Graph Editor and the Action Editor.

However, when I use the NLA Editor to look up the Actions on a bezier curve (in this case keyframed Evaluation Time) I can see the action in the NLA Editor, I tab into it to edit the action as above, and the keyframes appear in the Graph Editor (along with their curves) as you expect, but NOTHING appears in the Dopesheet’s Action Editor.

It’s no huge deal, as I can edit the keyframes on the Graph Editor, but I just wondered why - is it deliberate for some reason to do with curves being different cases in some way?

Simply put: The Action Editor can only “see” the active action on the object-level. Evaluation time is on Object-Data Level, which it currently has no way to access.

Yep, that makes sense, thanks.