Bf-109 wip

Hi there everyone here is a model of a BF-109 Which i am working on, All feedback welcome. also, does anyone know of a good way to create the outline of metal panals on the surface? i tried using a bumpmap with lines on it, but they looked very course and rigid, any ideas?


looks like a great start - the shape looks almost perfect to me, although there does seem to be kinda funny with the nose.

I’m fairly sure that the cross bit on the wings a much thinner white outline than in your pic, so make the white bit more thinner (

Also the Bf-109 (in the picture) above does not really have any easily visible metal seams so you can probably get away with not using a normal map. Perhaps model the seam before the engine cowling in?

The texturing seems pretty good, though the edge of the yellow bits (engine cowling and tail stripe thing) should be a lot sharper. Perhaps add smoke streaks behind the guns and the exhaust as well??

Finally, having bullet cases flying out behind the wing and perhaps a slight wingtip contrail (due to stalling air on the wing) [like this:] would really add to the sense of movement.

good work :slight_smile: