ok so i think my modelling stage on this is done but if anyone can suggest any improvements ill put them in…

i’m a bit of a planespotter so this is just me being picky but the guns on the Bf-110G are accutally inside the nose not in a box type thing on top

yeh thats what i thaught but these prints show something
maybe its just a panel or something ill change it now thanx anyway

it’s alright i’m glad to help, it makes me feel useful. apart from that small thing brilliant blend can’t wait to see it textured. maybe an animation? :smiley:

yeh im planning on having only a short anim to start with, just having it taking off. then when i do another aircraft, maybe a hurricane or new spitfire i might have a shot fight

cool can’t wait to see that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yep, that looks like the 110, but it’s a little off, i will wait for more before i crit…

na nayman tell me whats bugging u, i finnished modelling what do u think is wrong i tryed to model close as possible