bf-blender 2.34 windows with rendering speed improvment

-edit- change the name of the zipfile -edit-

i post a copy of my post in

"the speed increase in a huge factor with the correction made by Ton.
cvs dated in 31/8

directly :

we need now an official release for a such increase in power of blender. "

give it a try an comments

eek! be carefull naming your own builds “2.34a”

If some weirdo decides to post a bugreport with that name, that will lead to some serious confusement.



Yeah, your post was confusing. At first glance I thought that 2.34a had officially been released, not that you had compiled a CVS build.

Its fast folks! I am trying to learn to compile Blender builds myself. You guys can’t keep all this fun to yourselves, hehehe.

Blend on!

sorry, but my build is still faster
i checked the speed of your build with my test scene:

your build: 141 seconds
my build: 92 seconds

scene was this:

machine was an old AMD athlon 1200 FSB 133
and this is my build:

Nope, not if your still talking of an optimized build of the official 2.34,not with AO and by a wide margin. I can send you the .blend.

Besides that, yours crashes more than the official but nothing that’d make it unusable : indeed I use BlenderIntel all the time.


perhaps i should take a special look at AO rendering :wink:
especially in terms of profiling. i am really looking forward to the next CVS checkout

thanx for the thing with AO :slight_smile:

if the blender file isnt too big i would really appreciate it if you can send me a copy :slight_smile:

please send it to

[email protected]

thanx again

is this optima. also avaiable for the os x version
or is it a intel-only version?

is it related to the compiler or to blenders internal


The file is small enough, 119 KB zipped and the subject is quite simple : I hate long renderings just for the sake of testing, don’t you ?


Append a ‘-cvs’, not an official minor version denotive symbol.


Antares, make an intel optimized version of the current CVS, then it will be faster since this is a speed up from a fixed typo.

to Xand:

I changed the title to 2.34 from 2.34a, because we haven’t had any “a”-release yet, don’t know if it even will be…

so if you don’t mind, change your link/build to a more proper name, we don’t want confusement amongs our users :slight_smile:

whats in a name.


the latest feature in BF Blender CVS…is that there’s now a after-release “Global Undo” for all to test and give feedback on…

it is placed under preference-window under ‘Edit methods’…and push the ‘Global Undo’ , it works now outside of editmode and it even undos a CTRL+X command in Blender, also all buttons, pulldowns, viewing, colorchanges…settings, sliders…etc etc, all except Preference Window/settings…to make it work you need to have your mousepointer in 3D view…and use the U-key… :slight_smile:

just go ahead and play :slight_smile:


Ztonzy and Goofster: Is confusment a word?

No, it’s confusement.



maybe not, but why ask instead of saying it can’t be typed that way?

please correct me if I write wrong :slight_smile: as you (I don’t know) I am not native english in my language…

Actually, Anta][es’s optimised version is still substancially faster – Here are some rendertimes of a simple sphere on a cube with just AO lighting:

Latest CVS build: 17 seconds
Anta][es’s optimised version: 13 seconds
Blender distributed (Soft shadows for all lamps): 16 seconds

didn’t try it with the official 2.34, but out of the versions I use the latest CVS build is definately the slowest.


Any chance of optimising the latest build from CVS and using the patch for soft shadows from foof? doing this would be truly awesome.

yeah i can’t wait untill blender gets fast again LOL.

its raytracing is truly slow at current design.


Not every time Madcow and I mean that there is a big difference in favor of the new built when raytracing and AO are combined.
But I haven’t isolated all the parameters that will make one or the other the best choice : the Official isn’t it that’s for sure.