Bf blender

Has anyone got a link to the latest bf blender?

you mean a cvs build?

you should look on in the testing forum, if that is not new enough build it yourself

Have you got a link?

you didn’t even say waht platform you wanted

this is the testing builds forum on

Thanks got it. how do you do softbodies (i’m on Windows if it matters)

if you found the soft-body-patched bf i’m sure you can find the post again and read it. as far as i remember there is a brief description (or at least a link to one) about how it works.

In the post it tells you that it is now part of topopuu blender. I have downloaded topopuu blender and have found softbodies but the provided explanation is just basic and I need a proper tutorial. Or if there isn’t one please wright one :wink: PRETY PLEASE :smiley:
(on the cloth simulation)

since you didn’t request a specific topic for your tutorial i assume you want to just play around with softbodies. so, i strongly encourage you to go ahead and play around :slight_smile:

I see a specific topic :-?

(the power of editing :stuck_out_tongue: )

Comon :<

I thought you “got it” the first time I deleted your post, but oh well, maybe it was too subtle.

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