BF windows with ffmpeg

I made a compilation with VC++ 2005 express, with FFMpeg enabled with the help of cmake.

It’s the first time I post a compilation made with VC++2005, perhaps there is missing DLL for users, ask for the dlls you needs, I will make an archive with all extra DLLs.

7zip 4.7MB
zip 6.4MB

Thanks !

I’ll take a look.

Will be nice to have FFmpeg with a recent CVS.

Do you know if anything has changed in the FFMpeg since July? I haven’t seen much … if any mention of it in the commit logs.

Or even from a user standpoint, have you noticed anything working now, that wasn’t before?


Ok I have render a little thing with a MP3 file.
Now on windows, it seems to work, need to test and understand how it works, only thing I can says for moment : if you put a video on the sequencer with sound, the sound is played.


i saved a Avi Raw in tmp Folder…
Problem: you cannot play this if you Press the “PLAY” button in Render Window Buttons.

fromtype1: no FontMatrix found

you cannot play videos after saving…!

I’m getting an error too, only I get “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

So obviously there is still work to be done with FFMPEG :slight_smile:

I actually almost never use the PLAY button anyway. Much better is to switch to the Sequencer screens and import the movie there, then you can play it, single step / scrub etc.

Or else just launch the video externally by double clicking on it from explorer.


The problems is not FFMpeg but this commit :

Oh ok.

I couldn’t tell when your build was made, since there is no date/time in the help/about/splash screen :slight_smile: (If you removed that on purpose, it’s not really a very good idea … if you didn’t … I don’t know how to add it back in :slight_smile:

Anway, the workarounds I suggested work :slight_smile:

Are you going to submit a bug report ?


Mike S…i have the same Problem: “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.” when i only Include the 3 missing dll´s to run this FFmpg Build!

When i Include all dll´s and the Contain from a normal CVS Build i have this
fromtype1: no FontMatrix found

I don’t change anything for the date, when I compile with scons no problem but now I compile directly in the IDE of VC2005, I will search a solution, but the compilation is the most recent

I allways get an Error when I try to connect to

is it only me?
I cant connect for weeks now.
Or is there a Mirror of the Builds?