BF2:Project Reality - Polish Forces modification

Hi, we are looking for 3d and 2d graphic artists to complete our modification to Battlefield 2: Project Reality.

What is Project Reality (PR)?

  • Project Reality is award winning modification for Battlefield 2. It is not only making game more realistic, but it adds much new content into the Battlefield 2, like new vehicles, weapons and armies. Project Reality is probably the most popular modification for Battlefield 2, probably more popular than Battlefield 2 itself. PR is being developed by Black Sand Studios and volunteers.

What is PR: Polish Forces (PF)?

  • Polish Forces is mini modification to Project Reality, when PF will be completed it will be tested by Black Sand Studios testers and after that it will be included into Project Reality (main part of the mod) in next update.

We are looking for people who will texture, finish and make new models of Polish army vehicles and weapons. We don’t expect to make or give any profit of it, all work is volunteer.

Official Project Reality website:
Official PR: Polish Forces forum:
Our development forum:

If you want to help contact me:
email and msn: [email protected]
xfire and aim: darekdeo
gadugadu: 7050322

or make post on our development forum.

Best regards,

I almost ended up buying Battlefield 2 just for Project Reality before I quit playing video games. I would offer to help but I don’t know if I need to have PR or not.

There is no need to have Project Reality, if You would like to help contact me by sending email to me. Tell me something about yourself and about projects you have been working on.

i like it
i´ll send you a PM