BFF Unwrapper

I’ve spent the last couple days working on a addon, so we can use Boundary First Flattening inside Blender. Will post addon tomorrow maybe.


Set path in addon preferences to the FOLDER to Boundary First Flattening not the exe.

If it finds issues and can’t unwrap, you can select “OK” to try to fix the issues.

Located in UV menu

Will have these options if UV editor is open.

Can download Boundary First Flattening here. Also, added link in addon preferences.

Addon (17.4 KB)


The very promising. Thanks

Very cool!

I’ve been looking for a better UV Relax Algorithm in Blender, since the default is quite terrible. This can do some nice stuff. Although I am noticing on some objects, when it comes back into blender, the object as moved or rotated. Is there anyway to solve that?

Thank you!

Does it always happen?

Thare was a blender 2.7x build with this slim algorithm, which is better, but this build often crash


Tried it on a few pieces, and yeah, it was rotating them on the pivot point. Often rotating 90 deg from what it was… hmmm. Transforms were reset / Scale 1,1,1 before sending to BFF as well.

Yeah, this BFF one is cool, but I’d still love to see a more proper UV Relax method that takes your existing seams and just relaxes those Shells and doesn’t pin the borders or anything. Basically like 3DS Max / Maya or other apps work. But maybe BFF can do that, or that SLIM one?

Right now, I can do almost all my work in Blender, but since the relax is so bad, I have to export back to 3DS Max just to relax, then go BACK to Blender to Pack and whatnot.

Can you post blend. I can’t get it to do it. It’s prolly related to a hack I did to fix imported object.

BFF_Test.blend (1.6 MB)

Is not a mesh/model I’m trying to use currently, but was just testing the script on it. But still am curious why it rotates. Thank you :slight_smile:

You don’t have a github or gitlab repo to share your addons ? More efficient to quickly update an addon.
Btw, thanks for your work, i’m try quickly :slight_smile: .

Could be posible to use this method only on selected faces and not the whole mesh? Or maybe that it uses the manually placed seams.

Hi @AFWS—looks like a pretty nice integration!

I’m one of the authors of the BFF paper/algorithm. My coauthor Rohan and I would be glad to help you work out some of these issues—we’re Blender fans, and would be very happy to help support the community. Feel free to send us a ping anytime at Keenan Crane [email protected] and Rohan Sawhney [email protected].

To dig in to some of these issues:

  • The rotation/translation of the object could be due to a normalization inside the BFF code itself. This should be easy to turn off for the purposes of the plugin.
  • It should also be totally possible for users to use their own seams. You just need to pass the selected seams from Blender into the BFF code somehow. From there, it’s not hard to use this list of edges as a cut (in UV space).
  • Similarly, it should be no problem at all to use on a subset of selected faces. Just pass only those faces into BFF, and copy the UVs back out. (Not sure what this looks like on the Blender end, but I assume it’s possible…)

Also there are some updates since the initial release that deal with things like polygonal meshes (so you don’t have to triangulate), multiple components, etc., that should make this all work better in a real use scenario. There’s a pretty detailed changelog on the GitHub repo.




Awesome work guys… fantastic!!! :slight_smile: