BFS XF-001 Sabre

The first of the cars between the collaboration of me and Swaschan. I did the modelling, he did the rest. Sure the result could have been better, but I still have much to learn. Anyway, there it goes.

The green render is the one I did.


A teaser of the up-coming car.

Impreza tsk tsk tsk… Attach the other pics as well will you?

Right guys, hello…

The reason for the grains being so large is the car being small.
I could decrease grain size but didn’t think of it only after It had been rendered.

Here’s the other gallery, ftw. Nice viewing, and comments are very welcome indeed!


@Impreza09: sorry, what do you want to show on the first two renders? It’s almost black. Impression from lens flare and floor is not what was your goal I think.

I did not make the first two renders, I only made the 3rd one. Swaschan made all renders but the green one.

make a glow effect in front light.