BG 2013 :: "Eye Candy" (Honorable Mention)

Please leave any comments and critiques! I plan to enter this in another competition, and I’m completely reassembling the scene. All ideas are welcome.

Full res here ::

I’m remodeling the character (first one I’ve ever made) to show the entire figure. The camera will be zoomed out somewhat to expose the walls on either side of the window and some of the sidewalk. Various street lamps, a coach, and some atmospheric fog.


I think some of the candy needs more work, the jellies for example could be mixed with a transparency shader to make it look more jelly like, also the lollypops in the jars (if there are any :confused:) should have swirled designs not linear. Also the brightly coloured candy (first jar on the right) looks like plastic christmas ornaments, so you may want to change the look of them as well (maybe turn down the specular/glossy). and different types of extra candy would also benefit the scene.
good luck