BG Character Competition: Catfish

So, I’ve gotten a bit of a late start, but I decided to go ahead and give this competition a shot.

I had an idea the other day about a cat trying to put a live fish into a blender to make a smoothie, but when the cat plugs in the blender, he gets electrocuted. So that’s my concept for the project.

Here’s my current progress:


Here’s my first test render. The fish isn’t quite done yet; I would like to add some side fins and work on the eyes a bit. Also, the fish isn’t rigged and posed yet. The cat is going to be in the background plugging the blender into the wall.

I also want to add an ON/OFF switch for the blender, and add a label for the rotating knob that goes from LOW to HIGH speed.


Awesome start! It’s looking great! Keep up the nice work! I like the idea very much and good luck with the contest!

Very funny and cool render :smiley: , I can’t wait the result!

Here’s some improvements on the scene.

I haven’t started on the cat yet, but I know how I want it to look. I have been busy, and I’m going to be very busy tomorrow, but I should be able to get the project finished in time for the deadline. :slight_smile:


Almost done! I just need to work on the lighting, cat materials, and the electric shock effect.


The texture of the wall looks good and the water is so real.

Thank you! Those puddles were actually extremely easy to make. I should make a tutorial for that!

I am rendering the final image, right now. :smiley:

Here is the final image! I just submitted it to!

The cat made it-self physic ground

Of course it has to be a blender :slight_smile: nice project cool idea… I’d like to see some blood though, lol, just kidding. How did you do the electric shock effect? Just a transparent texture on a plane or this the more to it? Oh, and good luck with the contest :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I needed to add the electricity effect 6 hours before the deadline, so I just watched the beginning of this tutorial (thank you Karsten Höhne!) and applied it to my scene. I ended up using a combination of Subdivision and Displacement modifiers, using the Clouds texture to control the displacement. The material is simply Emission mixed with Transparent, using a Layer Weight node to combine them. I would have liked to spend more time on it, but I am happy with the result.

Here are screenshots of the material nodes for the electricity and the render nodes: (I needed to input the render layers as images, because I needed to re-render the electric cord and stitch the images together.)


Nice, thanks for the link. The images of your last post don’t show up, but maybe it’s just on my phone