BG Christmas Comp. // The Grinch Stole Christmas

Hey everyone! Here’s my WIP for this years BlenderGuru Christmas competition! This year I’m doing a composition featuring the Grinch and his dog Max after they just stole all the Christmas decorations from Whoville.

You certainly are well on your way to a very good entry, I’ll look forward to watching this evolve.

nice models. good luck in the comp.

Harleynut97 and Modron thanks for the comments. Here’s an early preview of the stage which will be an ice cave. I threw the Abominable Snowman in too for good measure :slight_smile: Rendered at 100 samples in the viewport.

looking good so far…

I really like the Grinch :smiley: The “snowman” looks a bit stiff, if you know what I mean. He gives the impression of beeing a puppet. Not sure where the ice cave will lead the scene to, but lets see.


I like the scene, Xerubian brings up a good point, maybe by even rotating the snowmans fingers a little bit will help. I like his facial pose. I just remember him as this giant size creature ( who scared the hell out of me when I was a little kid) I think you may need to add some things to the cave that can be scaled in such a way as to make him and the cave much bigger.

Thanks Xerubian and harleynut97 for the feedback. Yes I agree the snowman is a bit stiff. I just threw him in there to get a sense of the scene so it’s by no means his final pose. Yea since this composition is coming along quickly I should be able to add some more characters. I’m going to start on the Grinch’s dog tomorrow. My plan is to have him pulling the Grinch’s giant toy bag with him teeth :slight_smile:

Ok here’s a BIG update! I’ve made a very difficult decision, but I think it’s for the best. This composition will no longer feature the Abominable Snowman. He just didn’t fit with the scene. So, instead the scene will focus completely on the Grinch and his lair. What do you guys think?

Interesting texturing. Already an idea for the background? That would help to put it into perspective.


I like the grinchs’ new “crib” In some ways I think less blue tint on the snow might be wise, but what you are doing with the overall texturing seems to more of an artistic decision.

Thanks everyone for the comments! I’ve been hard at work on Max (the dog). He’s pretty much complete I think. I do plan on taking down the blues in the scene. Perhaps in the next update I can work on that. I think I have a tendency to over saturate my images :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed Max quite a bit and added in the sleigh. I also really toned down the blues.

So I’ve added the Grinch and an early background. Not sure if I’ll keep him sitting or pose him standing up.

I think this is the most bizarr Christmas scene I’ve scene so far. I think that’s positiv :yes:

Thanks Xerubian :slight_smile: With any hopes it’ll become even more bizarr…