BG Christmas Competition 2013 WIP - Thatimst3r

hey guys i’ve just started modelling the minor background/midground elements of my entry, and wanted to start a WIP thread to see if i’m doing everything right :smiley:
updates should be fairly regular as i have a decent amount of free time, any comments or critiques are greatly appreciated!
building for the street:


building will probably have a sign, ‘toy maker’ for this particular shop.
if there’s anything i’m missing please say so i’m going for a classical victorian time/setting.
i will probably also add a roof.

stagecoach/ horse drawn carriage

may remove lanterns and replace with kerosene lamps, for historical accuracy.

2 variations of buildings, mirrored to give a different look, going to be used to line the streets of the scene.

horse drawn carriage with snow, still need to add snow to wheels, lanterns and seat.