BG Christmas competition

The Snow Queen’s Castle. WIP. Not really sold on the frozen heart. I may take it out.

so far it looks good but yes currently the heart does nothing for the image :slight_smile:

Cool idea, and I like the lighting, but there’s nothing motivating it. Also I’m not digging the icicles.

yeah but it is a work in progress, i’m sure there will be a focal point sometime in the next couple of weeks

It would be super awesome if your icicles looked like this. Right now they look like clear balloon tentacles. I like the concept of the stairway, so you could make that your focus if you built the rest of the scene and positioned the camera accordingly.

Yeah. The icicles do need work. It’s on my list of things to do. Right now I’m working on the focus feature. So far I’ve got a little snow twister.