BG comp Photorealism

Hey, this is an entry for BG comp Photorealism.Please fell free to critique this!

It looks like the bottle is floating and the shorts bending in the back is strange too.The shirt is strangely out of focus.
In general, I think things are too neat to be believable.
However, the modelling is great.
Would be happy to see more.

I feel the lighting is a bit flat - you can really use it to highlight the shirt. The materials are a little too smooth and specular, giving the shirt especially a bit of a clay look. Modelling is very nice though and texturing is spot on. Keep it up.

Ok, first of all thank for your replies it was very helpfull.
I’ve make some changes 1)lighting, 2)materials 3) modeling.

In my opinion:

  • the image looks like it is shot with a direct flashlight now, what makes it look cheap
  • with the bright lighting you lost the depth in the shirt compared to the first image, that is an disadvantage.
    I don’t like the new lighting and feel that you was on the right way with the first setup.

The shorts looks much better now. There are more wrinkles and bumps. Maybe you should push it further with bigger wrinkles. Like in this image (shorts)
Maybe it would be better to put some chaos in this clean scene. So it would looks more like a locker and not like an adoration shrine.

Please, don’t feel bad with my words. I’m just thinking, you did a great job anyway.

hey great job I do have a few ideas
first the lighting is good on the first one
the shirt in both pictures seems to be hanging in a very puffed up way
try making the shirt flatter
but very nice!

I can only second what has already been said. It’s a great-looking picture. I would agree that the lighting makes for a more of a sublime effect in the first scene. At the same time the more ‘aggressive’ illumination setup in the second picture adds more realism to the bottle and the shorts. Although for some reason my eyes still find the shorts a bit odd.
I also thing that there is some artistic tension going on - on the one hand it seems like this is just supposed to be a locker but on the other hand no one would be taking a picture of an ordinary locker and everything in the scene looks so perfect that it perhaps inadvertently becomes more of an adoration shrine. Because of that I would do away with the shampoo bottle and leave everything else (including the drink) as it is.

Hope this is helpful