BG comp Sci-fi animation - the Heist.

so Mr Price has decided to include Animations for the New Blender Guru competition, so i figured i would give it a go :slight_smile:
I have no clue for a script, a vague idea for the main plot, no idea how to bring about any kind of conclusion. zero amount of voice actors. the modelling skills of a deep fried prawn, and just over a month to build, texture and animate a city /charcters/assets.
will be an interesting challenge :smiley:

not using the van any more so removed the image.

van is textured enough now.
a quick drone.

will wait to texture as it will be using the same textures as the Droid that i have started, then i can get on with the meat characters.
obviously i dont want to be spending the whole month concentrating on one or two charachters so it is going go be a fairly simple affair. i just hope i can make it not too simple that it looks stupid. :confused:

looks nice, you did picked a very original name for your animation: “untitled” aha:p

lol yeah, no point coming up with a title 'til i have a plot , right :wink:

first set is done (nearly) just needs a texture but i decided to do textures later. get the models done first, so started a droid.

ignore the chestplate body thing, it is rubbish so i will be changing it later. will finish the legs first

back from holidays, just finished the droid. now onto the rest of the characters.

in the mean time- part of the city, courtesy of the suicidal plugin.

uh, slight problem. just discovered the competition has a maximum limit of 60 seconds for animations. that is seven minutes of plot that i need to remove and still have a story :frowning:
i’m looking for some inspiration right now

don’t think of a complete plot. Just pick the best scene you think you have in your story.
The city look great.

o-kay, i will expand on the opening sequence, which was going to be a simple warehouse burglery, interupted by police leading to the big chase scene through the city. (lots of guns and explosions and flying cars and more explosions etc) so i figure i will simplifiy it and make it a fight scene, basically security droid discovers heist in progress, gets beat to scrap-the end! will need to concentrate now as there is still a lot to do and time is flying away. so no more updates til the scene is rendering, then i may post a few screen shots. not that there has been much interest here so whatever. anyway, heres the main antagonist. sort of ( not quite finished but almost)

finally, everything is rigged and ready , just have a few textures to apply to the set (for some reason the floor has a wall texture, even though no texture has been set for it! i was expecting a grey floor like the containers but hey ho, whatever not a big issue!) it will be ready to recieve my prawn like animating skills by the end of today :smiley:
oh, and the containers are floating, will need to fix that too.

so spent the evening texturing, and improving the warehouse still have a few containers left to paint but now i have discovered how to copy and paste the node trees finishing will be a breeze! just need one final effect to figure out to make the film suitably scifi and were away :slight_smile:

quick screen shot, still adjusting the lights so its a touch too dark for my liking at the moment, will fix that tomorrow. as well as the floating containers.

uh, first couple of takes rendered and it is not good. my droid minces around like the campiest homo ever, its run cycle is more appropriate for a rom-com windswept beach cliché scene and I’m not even going to talk about the other robot. :frowning:
I’m starting to not even like the actual scene now and its one week to go and theres nothing usable. about how close to the deadline is panicking deemed acceptable?


If character animation is not your thing, I think the flying car/city scene might be a bit easier to do in the time frame. The trouble is that unless you are trained in animation, the chances of producing amazing, show stopping, or otherwise “Winning” animation. are very slight. Vehicles flying around is probably a better bet. But I guess all of this depends on how finished the city scene was before you left it.

your probably right, i over stretched myself this time thinking i had more scope for what i wanted to do. lesson learned: read the brief fully before starting a project!
i dont have time to finish the city model so i will need to just make the best of what i have. re-texture the scene quickly as there are a few areas that i am not satisfied with, re-build parts of the rigs that arn’t working and then re work the animations.

you have a damned cool mech there, kind of like a power loader from aliens. real potential here.

there was a bit of inspiration from Aliens when coming up with the concept :smiley:

quick update. have worked out how to use the action editor :smiley: so here are a couple of actions. first walk is meant to be carrying a carton hence the fixed arm position, the next action is a basic un-loaded walk and finally a stomp for the action scene, now all i need to do is figure out how to mix the actions so they blend together instead of jerking one to the next.

wow i am actually rendering the first actual scene of the movie, my first actual film rendering away! lol

30 seconds of film complete! wow, i might even get it finished in time to add the sound!