BG Competition - Futuristic soldier

This is the latest work I have done:

This is the original post:
After a couple hours working on a base mesh I’m about to stop changing it and leave it like it is. If anyone sees any glaring mistakes, plz tell me. I will be using this to build the armor on. It will also serve as lighting from the “under-suit”.

you might want to fix the top of the leg it appears to sprout from the side of her pelvis. the top of the leg and buttock should flow together more.

What can i say, i like big butts. :stuck_out_tongue: I made the butt smaller and scaled the legs in. Any better.

looks good :smiley:
the only issue I can spot is that the inner thigh looks like it’s poking out…maybe smooth that out a bit

it might be a good idea to post images of the model from different angles too, just incase there are some other issues we aren’t seeing from this particular angle

I’m kinda slowing down for the day. The far wrist seems off, hopefully adding a hand with the correct scale will make it look better. I’ve been staying away from areas of concern. I’ve been looking forward to doing the helmet, I might do that next.

Anyone have any ideas for a scene?

Personally I am going for a “mini-diorama” thing- you know, round base with a piece of scenery, but not entire environment. Something in spirit of- say- those models:

Ya, i might do something similar with some very basic blurred buildings in the background. Maybe some broken pavement with scrap laying around. Maybe a flag. Here is a base mesh that I think I will use to build the helmet around.

I didn’t do the helmet, only had time to do this prop. Does anyone know what the eblem is a reference to?

I like the suit though is it actually additions to it, or just texture with a bump?

I ask as it’s not really predominant, the colored areas.

Thanks for the interest. Each piece is actually a different mesh. It’s a little slow going but it’s a method for creating form fitting clothing. The pieces all have a mirror, simple subsurf, shrinkwrap, solidify and catmull-clark subsurf. Render time isn’t a problem but I might bake it to the model if poseing becomes a problem. I hoping to add more detail to each piece once I get to a point where i can apply the modifiers.

Here is a little work on the helmet.

It kinda seems like no one likes my character. Should I start a different character maybe something complex like a Transformer?

It kinda seems like no one likes my character. Should I start a different character maybe something complex like a Transformer?

Nope, definitely don’t do that. Right now it’s ok, but to make anything good you have to stick with it. So try sketching a bit to get your creative juices flowing, and don’t quit working on the character and scene until the day before the deadline. Then you will have something you can be proud of. It’s the only way to become a better artist.

You’ve got a decent start on this one already, so why not?

I think you’re at the point where there’s nothing glaringly bad with your work, but also nothing incredibly exceptional. (I’m there too) This tends to elect very little verbal response in my experience here over the years. I’ve thought of many logical reasons as to why this happens, but suffice it to say you can take it as I try to, which is as a mild complement. Although, I’m also familiar with the taste it can leave you feeling that people just don’t care, and thus that must reflect your skill. DON’T let that line of thinking in! Not only is that not true, but it’s the wrong focus to have.

But really my advice is to have fun with the your blending, and just share your enthusiasm for what YOU want to do here in the wip thread. That way any responses are just a bonus.
I’ve never had success in asking for idea’s over a forum, it’s just a bad medium for that kind of talk. However, asking good questions is a major reason forums exist. So if you have some specific problem, then you can ask that. But often times I find that you will answer questions yourself by the process of finding a good way to ask it. (which often times just means clearly defining what the problem is, which often makes the answer obvious.)

Just my two cents on what I read between the lines. :cool: feel free to disregard it in part or in full.
that being said I like what you have, just keep at it!

well, it’s a soldier. she could use some weapons… So far, though, its some good work! :slight_smile:

just keep going, you have a good model so far, just because no one is commenting doesnt mean they’re not watching, theres just nothing to comment on yet, everything is fine. you’ll probably get another influx of comments once you start building the scene

Like people said above me, you are definitely not alone in this.
Personally I describe it for myself as an immature thinking. But there I also ego, the will to win and so on. Do not worry, you will overgrow it, don’t quit and try to take maximum from the experience.
I personally write an imaginary journal inside my head about the things I am doing better and faster compared to the things I did 1 year ago. Eventually you will reach a stage when a competition is just an occasion where you can apply all the things you learned so far.


Have fun and good luck.

Hey… You have a solid start going here and some nice ideas for the suit… So keep going at it. No reason to change to something else. Some positive critts…:slight_smile: The elbow seems to drop a bit to low… You might have to shorten her upper arm a bit and while you are designing pieces for the suit, try and brake the silhouette as it is now. Currently her silhouette would not distinguish her enough! Happy blending!