BG competition

Hi guys/gals
Here is my entry…

Since not much is done I will give additional explanation in words(for now).
The boy and his dog are looking trough the window (of spaceship leaving earth/of habitat on polluted earth surface). Still not sure what it will be, probably spaceship (although Andrew doesn’t like spaceships :slight_smile: )

Since I will be using BI+Freestyle+Cycles there will probably be lots of tests both compositing and rendering to find right combination.
Here is some Warhol style tests on poor dog:

Awesome idea :slight_smile: I like the top middle one or the one under it the best. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

This is a part of a boy done this evening (Freestyle only). Hope to finish major part of work till next week and then just play around with camera,lightning and materials…

Looking forward to your Cycles renders :slight_smile:

hehe that might be a while… im guessing it will take about 10000 samples to get it noise free :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. All interiors that I tried are noisy. I never went above 2500 though…

Ye. U have probably seen my first cycles render up… its only 1000 samples though… its already at 1500 now but i think i need to rerender because it needs more light… that will speed up the render as well.

Here is the progress on the kid… Not much done, but a little test with cycles…

Wow, nice, I like the characters :slight_smile: Of the dog renders, I like the purple tint of the bottom right the best.
The kid is looking good too, looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

I love the cartoony cycles renders… looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Thanks for kind words!!!
Here comes the dynamic duo (the kid still missing hands though…)



Already at 160k faces, starting to worry about final scene, expecting at least 500k (so bad at modeling:() don’t know if my poor laptop gonna survive it…

how about have him walking the dog…im kinda confused as to the pose you have :D…maybe later on it will come to light :smiley:

Yeah. Not much to critic when the setting is unclear… Will make next update with at least a part of scenery so people could finally start throwing stones at me :slight_smile:

I like cycles one better. How long is it taking you to render? I have rendered scenes with a million plus verts on my netbook before… It was fine… It just takes a while :slight_smile:
Looking forward to more progress!

If you really need the help, I can help you render your final image if your laptop is to slow

Thanks for offer, I have a few friends (victims) with cpu like yours and some fine gpu’s so if it comes down to tight timing I will crash in someones home for a night or two. Don’t mind sharing files (will post them on Blenderswap after comp.) but I would probably want to rerender and rerender, over and over again… And you have your entry to finish. And while a month looks like along time, there will always be something that we want to improve… Hell if there weren’t a deadline I would never stop improving :smiley:

No time to work on the scene, but here is (ugly) sketch just to make the idea clearer to everyone…

No problem :slight_smile: I just didnt want you to come to the deadline and not have the cpu to be able to make your scene a reality.
I like your sketch… In my opinion you should have the camera behind them so that you can see the earth and some of the ship through the window and their faces in the reflection of the window. Just an idea

Yeah, the camera angle is the biggest problem at this point… I really like the way characters look now, but will try different angle. The reflection of earth looks actually much better (forgot to turn off one of earths used for experimenting :)), but still feel like the message is not clear enough. And there is no almost no way of adding earth to left side in this perspective and keeping the realistic scale…
Will try your suggestion, just to see how it looks :slight_smile:

Here is a test with camera behind, it would require to start everything from beginning to make it the way I would want so I’ll be sticking with original idea…

Here are some additional renders:

Not very useful but cool as desktop bcg :slight_smile:
Starting the ship tomorrow…