BG contest first attempt

this is the project i started for the sake of Blender Guru Contest…


without compositing

Everything you have here is pretty much good but of course it’s a bit empty composition as it is. You were probably planning to add something in the scene?

Thank you! Yup its a empty corridor…soon i will add some objects to it…may be some furniture…:slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the contest is, but if you’re going for a more photo realism look, you might try bump mapping that brick wall. Of course it would depend on the style you’re after.
I like the tile flooring and the lights the most. Did you use cg texture or something else for the tile? They already look dirty/rugged and bump mapped.
Great start!

one thing that stands out to me is the flat bricks, i highly suggest adding normal/bump mapping otherwise it will not look realistic at all

thank you…yes…all the textures are from cgtextures…floor material looked well as i have set nodes for normal map, spec map created with crazy bump…did same for brick wall also …but its not working well…i will try again to make it look better…also i am learning :slight_smile:

Cool scene, and a good start. If you’re looking for suggestions on the model, you might think about adding a horizontal beam between the sloped roof and the tops of the yellow columns, or possibly some small form of trim where they meet the bottom of the roof. And adding some trim around the door that meets the brown baseboard would make for a cleaner looking threshold/jamb. Just suggestions :).

Thank u keene…for great suggestions…tryin to do like that…
And i want to ask to all…
Is it possible to render in cycles step by step…i mean cant we pause or stop in the middle and rerender as we wish…:slight_smile:
its because in my machine…it takes too long to render such simple scene…can we?

i have updated my scene…but not satisfied yet with the results…also its not completed…but i am so hurried to share my work :)…
how can i improve???

Huge improvement already

Add plants in the pots, some table cloths and more randomness.

In a way there’s too much repetition in the image. If you scan along the depth, theres the same table, same dishes, same flower pots, 2 identical windows, the lamps, the floor… Can you break it up and bring variance to fill this viewpoint with interesting content or if you don’t have enough time for unique props change perspective so that there’s less redundancy in the view?

yes you’re absolutely right…so much repeatitions…i’ll try to put some randomness…thank you !!!

I think its too saturated and too bright. Also check the texture issue under the door, on the floor. Its a little streched and doesn`t look good at all. Unwrap again. Cheers

Great improvement. Add dirt though, for example the glass table in the fore-ground should have all kinds of subtle scratches and glass water rings on it etc. Then apply that to the whole scene.

yup…didn’t noticed that texture streching ? thank u for noticing…i will correct…
and ofcourse its a bright sunny day…:slight_smile: …i’ll try to correct that as well

Thanks Dominic…
yes i want to add some dirts too…i want my scene look somehow old place…want to put dirts on floor corners…around flower pots as well…but i really dont know how to do :)…so looking for tutorials …:slight_smile:
i have to make plants also…it would be easier with sapling addons…but i am having problem with this blend file…which i have posted in technical support thread titled " help"…
time is running out…i know i cant win in BG contest…but i am enjoying my work , learning lot and its all about the participation only,:slight_smile:

I followed this tutorial on BG which has some really good techniques for grungeing things up.

I would also recommend downloading Crazybump. This will allow you to generate normal maps.

So for example with that sheet or glass in the foreground again maybe you could go to and look for a scratched metal texture. Then go into crazybump and generate a normal map with that that.

You could then apply that to the ‘normal’ value of the glass shader with a really low value so you get some ware. So yeah… I think the big thing thats hold this back right now is the fact that all the textures are just flat colour.

Great attitude though, im also entering the photo realism contest and i doubt i will get anywhere close to winning but its still all good fun. My entry will be the Pacifica electric guitar which I have posted on this thread just recently. If you have any feedback for it (im currently working on the texturing) that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

some my new render without plants
–changes in materials, some stuffs added…some compositions,( Glow )…
and thank you all…
this forum really helpfull for me…nice people and lots of things for learning…Thank you all :slight_smile:

I would look for a way to add some atmospheric light.

Maybe back off the glow some. It looks too overblown.
Two things I noticed in the most recent picture:
Hedges are not usually scattered. Trees are (like you have them) but hotels, cafe’s, and other businesses like to have neat and tidy hedges or shrubs either in a row or evenly spaced.
The wood textures look too flat. Maybe add some glossiness to them or compare them to real tables. To me they just stand out.

I really like the addition of the door mat. It’s not very noticeable when you first look at the scene but it gives that subconscious feel/look bonus to the scene. And the pots of soil look fantastic.

Side note, the tile is VERY bumpy in the bottom right corner of the scene. Might try to back off just a tad bit.

Keep up the good work! This scene is turning out pretty good