BG contest - Qbert

first rough draft - there are a couple of things I don’t like right off the bat, but want feedback before I jump into it again.

Here with some minor post processing

With some motion blur and toned back vignette

a new camera angle, new colour scheme on the blocks, rgb curved the hdr to blue as well

Just curious which angle I like better

Here are my 2 cents:-

  1. Reduce the vignette In my opinion, too much post pro does not looks good.
  2. If possible, Try showing Qbert jumping with motion blur.

Besides these two, great Work.:smiley:

I agree with the vignette, I actually have two working in tandem there, was just experimenting.

I also wish that motion blur worked with mesh deform in cycles (although I didn’t rig qbert), I was thinking of just object motion blur with qbert and the ball on the right. I think it would give a better feeling of him dodging the ball with spikes.

Thanks for the feedback.

It seems to me the composition lacks focus and contrast… qbert, who I love, is hard to see, camouflaged into the stack of boxes. I’d recommend some more color to create balance and contrast, and then framing the scene in a more exciting camera angle.

Also, as it’s for a competition, the render would have more visual power if it communicated a story or an action.

Good luck with the contest!

@ the hook

I agree, was going to play with the blocks, maybe light them red and blue. Originally I wanted an underworld feel, I always felt qbert was underground for some reason. But he is not popping like I wanted.

As for story telling, I can’t really think of how to enhance the story while staying true to the game. I wanted to create an area of immediate danger, heavy on the left side with characters, with the large portion of blocks on the right to balance and show a safe area that he is headed to. I was thinking of adding a coiled snake striking at him as well. I’m having trouble showing the movement without having mesh deform motion blur. Any ideas on that?

Plus I got side tracked with the latest test build, so we will see how much more I do on this. I’ve only really done one sitting on this for modelling, materials, etc… It is more like a weekend challenge project right now.

and now to hijack my own thread

cycles strand rendering is way to fun

If Qbert is supposed to be the star of the show, then he needs to be in a spotlight.

Poor fat-mouse kinda looks like someone just dropped a blue snake on his head. :wink:

I have a chinchilla and his fur is quite a bit longer than that. Also the hairs around his nose are white.
Anyway, the Qbert image has a really nice background but the character seems to get lost in it. Perhaps he needs more lighting.

ya, the lighting on qbert is all hdr and from the cubes. I will modify a three point light and see if I can make him pop

The chinchilla is from Big Buck Bunny of course. Their hair and their texture for colours. Just playing around.