BG game comp: Evolution.

Hi folks. figured I’d show some of the progress from what will be my entry into the BG video game competition. I can’t call myself a gamer, but there is one game or genre of game that I know and love above all else and that’d be football games. So i decided to do a pic that’ll show the evolution of football video games through out history.

here’s a couple of the simple pics that’ll end up being textures for stadium screens from the first age of consoles. depcitions of the Odyssey 2000 (top) styled football game and the Atari (bottom) styled video game. These are actually created meshes in Blender.

The next pic is from the ps1/SNES era of gaming. while the above 2d shots (one more needs be done still) will be textures for stadium tron screens. this will be one of the three 3d images on the field itself.(haven’t decided the final pose for it yet.)

now onto the ps2/xbox era of games.

and finally the ps3/360 era. This is just the base. Tonight i’ll start sculpting a multires version and adding tons more detail. along with texturing and the like

I’d love to get any feedback to help imrpove them. Happy Blending :slight_smile:

It is hard to get proportions right with those baseball outfits- last one looks like a head is a tiny bit too large (but it might be just me, not 100% sure here).

thanks i noticed it was a lil off.

Here’s another pic of the PS3/360 era. complete with bump maps, normal maps, and textures. I still need to work on the helmets texture map aswell as a specularity map. then it’s on to the stadium backdrop.

Here’s an update on the latest model. he’s fully textured now. I added a spec map, though i think it needs tweeking and he’s rigged and ready to go.

Time to get to work on the backdrop!

here’s a couple tweaks. PS3 version Ray lewis with a spec map, finished chin strap. and a celebration pose. Aswell as a retextured PS2 version of Bret Favre. A lil more detailed with shading. I underestimated the PS2’s graphics a lil bit.

here’s a couple new pics. the stadium backdrop is nearly finished. still needs tweaks to lighting and such. I’ll be working on that tonight aswell as detailing the field and adding some grass.

Bloody sweet character, I give you that. Isnt public bit repetitive ? Or is that on purpose ?

it was semi- on purpose. It’s how they look in the games. But now that you mention it I think you’re right i need to add atleast a few more textures to make it look atleast a lil more random.

I’ll be posting another update pic soon as i get my flash lol.

As promised here’s the updated pic. field textures and goalposts included. tinkering with the idea of adding particle grass for atleast the foreground. depending on what my cpu can handle.

nearing the end of this journey and now i have a dilema. had an idea lastnight and hopefully i can get some input as to which looks better.

Here’s the first pic it was my original idea.

And now the alternate. this came to mind late lastnight. (both pics still need some tweaks, including making the crowd less repeditive.)
It hit me to put all the different players on the field together, with each newer character closer to the camera.

still trying to figure out which is better. let me know what you think.

minor update here with a change in the crowd backdrop to make it look a lil more random. Also some minor tweaks to the lighting on the main character.

another update. getting close to the finale of it.

and same pic with depth of field added

feeback is greatly appreciated

i like the one with ALL of the characters from back to new at front… but with Depth of field you have lost a lot of the detail you placed in the background

thanks for the input. most folks i’m asking are liking that one best too. i am too actually. the other was my original idea, but this one came to me out of nowhere and it seems to work. i’m working on one with particle grass and lessening the DoF to see if that looks better aswell. :slight_smile:

here’s the final i decided to go with. The DOF seemed to cut off too much detail no matter what i did so went without. added particle grass to it aswell.

here’s the last DoF i tried. let me know what you think is better. :slight_smile:

I think the only way you can have DOF work in this case is to use it very extreme so that only the player in the front pops out. But I don’t think it would do much good, better go without DOF.

yeah that’s why i went without the DoF. the center character is the best looking, but this is about showing the differences throughout the different era’s of video games. So i didn’t want it to be the sole focus of the piece. thanks for the input :slight_smile: