BG Movie Moments | TMA 1

Couldn’t get any work done on this over the last weekend and looks like i now hardly have time before Sunday’s deadline. Would really appreciate specific feedback.

So far, still can’t decide between the two versions. Now i know that the movie was probably shot in a sound stage, nonetheless, i am calling the daylight scene my ‘behind the scenes’ look at the scene being shot under the open sky.

Hey there anuraag_01!

I really like the night scene, specifically because of the ambiance that it has and the fact that it reminds me of the actual movie!
The only thing that i would possibly change, is the backlight on the monolith, but that is only because its a bit hard to see it in the night scene, and it´s really important in the movie.

Once again great job, and i think you nailed the atmosphere of the movie here.

I think i am going to do the night scene only. Here’s an update. Redid the ground and added/tweaked/moved around the props here an there. The astronaut boots are now no longer specular, just like in the movie. Glare and colour grading in photoshop.

Anyway, I am quickly running out of patience and GPU memory with this one.
Looks like i am almost ready with my submission.

Please feel free to provide suggestions/criticism.



Yes, I think the night scene is better. Maybe I am wrong, but the characters (4) are standing like a statue. I dont know if you have time to rigging them, but i think it would be better.
“Akimbo is a human body position in which the hands are on the hips and the elbows are bowed outward, or bent or bowed in a more general sense” - wikipedia

Sorry for my English.